COMMANDER JEFFREY SINCLAIR (Played by Michael O’Hare), is a decorated war hero and an acclaimed figure and survivor of the climactic Battle of the Line at the end of the Earth-Minbari War. He is one of the new breeds of human, born and raised entirely in space.  He was Commander of Babylon 5 and also the representative on the station for the Earth Alliance.  He has been given to take unnecessary risks in space, as he still sometimes desires the life of a fighter pilot.  He still doesn’t know why he was given the command of a high profile space station or to be made a diplomat, but he still gives his all in these jobs.  Sinclair was born on Mars Colony, and he was 39 years old when he first took command of Babylon 5.  He then moved on to be appointed as the Ambassador to the Minbari Federation, by President Clark.  But he used the position to become Ranger One and then set up the Rangers.  But his destiny lied in becoming, ‘The One Who Was.’

PRESIDENT JOHN SHERIDAN (Played by Bruce Boxleitner), was appointed by President Clark as the late President Santiago’s first choice to replace Commander Sinclair.  His claim-to-fame was to be the only commanding officer to score a victory over a Minbari ship during the Earth-Minbari war, until the very end of the war.  He was thus named, ‘Star Killer’ by the Minbari, and labelled dishonourable.  President Clark later relieved him of duty of Babylon 5, but Sheridan instead quit the Earth Alliance and made Babylon 5 a state of its own.  Sheridan also travelled to Z’ha’dum where he met his supposedly dead wife, and found that she had been resurrected by the Shadows to do their bidding.  He then detonated two 500-megaton thermonuclear devices, and fell to his death, until Lorien revived him.  He formed the Interstellar Alliance where he became the first President in 2262.  He later married Delenn and had a son with her.  Sheridan was also, ‘The One Who Will Be.’

CAPTAIN SUSAN IVANOVA (Played by Claudia Christian), was promoted from Lt Commander by Sheridan and is a latent telepath.  She is an ambitious career officer, and can be quirky or pessimistic at times, but she has a dry sense of humour.  Ivanova was born in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She despises the Psi-Corps; whose legally mandated drug treatments drove her mother to suicide after it was discovered her mother was a latent telepath.  She transferred from Babylon 5 after the death of Marcus Cole, who sacrificed his life to save hers, and took up a role as Commander of a cruiser.  She later took over as leader of the Rangers.

CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER MICHAEL GARIBALDI (Played by Jerry Doyle), was first appointed to Babylon 5 by Commander Sinclair as head of security, against strong objections from Earth Force about his past record.  The two of them had worked together in the past, so they had an established relationship and there was mutual trust between them.  Garibaldi was, ‘a pain in the ass’ according to Sinclair and never bowed to political pressure, which is why he was hired.  He is something of a smart aleck, always ready to crack a joke, but given to bouts of self-doubt and introspection when nobody’s looking.  Garibaldi went missing in his Star Fury during a Shadows attack, but was later discovered adrift in space.  Soon after he resigned as Chief of Security of Babylon 5, and became a Private Investigator.  He was later recruited by William Edgars of Edgar Industries, and later still became co-owner.  He later found that his resignation was due to Bester who had implanted a false personality in his brain to see if there was a threat to the Psi-Corps.  Garibaldi later moved to Mars and married Lise Hampton-Edgars.

DOCTOR STEPHEN FRANKLIN (Played by Richard Biggs), was in charge of Medlab on Babylon 5.  He is dedicated and assured in Xenobiology, with a background mainly in experimental medicine.  Spent many years of his life hitch hiking through space offering his services, in exchange for a chance to examine new life forms.  He resigned briefly from Babylon 5 when he found that he was hooked on Stims, and proceeded to go on a ‘walkabout.’  Soon after he returned to his job.  He later transferred to Earthdome and became Head of Xenobiological Research.


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